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Flash Metz 44AF-1 for Sony cameras (Metz 44AF-1 Sony)

The metz 44 AF-1 features a high performance guide number of 44 for ISO 100/21° and 105 mm, control panel with illuminated keys, fully automatic zoom, integrated wide-angle diffuser for 12 mm illumination, a flip-out reflector card and a USB interface for rapid software updates. Key Features: •Guide Number 44 for ISO 100/21° and 105 mm •Control panel with illuminated keys •Fully automatic zoom •Integrated wide-angle diffuser for 12 mm illumination •A flip-out reflector card •Fully swivelling reflector system with flip-out reflector card is perfect for Bouncing flash •USB interface Product Description: Creative lighting for exceptional pictures The mecablitz 44 AF-1 digital’s numerous functions afford precise light output tailored to each individual subject. The fully swivelling reflector system with flip-out reflector card is perfect for bouncing flash. Furthermore, the integrated wide-angle diffuser is ideally suited for illumination of wide-angle focal lengths from 12 mm (135 format). Thanks to the slave function, the new system flash unit can even be used in TTL mode without constraints, depending on the camera model. The four partial lighting levels can be adjusted on the reverse of the unit allowing the photographer to alter the brightness in manual mode according to personal taste. Different versions for Canon, Nikon, Olympus/Panasonic/Leica, Pentax and Sony It goes without saying that the respective camera manufacturer’s sophisticated flash lighting technology can also be employed with the appropriate version of the mecablitz 44 AF-1 digital, in addition to various special functions, such as first and second shutter curtain synchronisation (subject to camera). Thus the 44 AF-1 digital offers E-TTL and E-TTL II flash mode for Canon, i-TTL for Nikon, P-TTL for Pentax, four thirds TTL for Olympus/Panasonic/Leica and ADI for Sony. So that the unit always has the latest software, updates can be carried out conveniently even after purchase: via the Internet over the Metz mecablitz 44 AF-1 digital’s USB interface. Therefore, the flash remains fully compatible with any new camera models launched on the market. Metz mecablitz – technology “made in Germany” Metz flash units represent high performance technology and reliable quality. We have been manufacturing in Germany for over 50 years. As such we hold a unique position – Metz is the only manufacturer of flash devices to develop and manufacture products in Europe. Basic configuration •Vertical (+90°) and horizontal (300°) swivel reflector •LED displays •Motor zoom for 24 - 105 mm illumination •Integrated wide-angle diffuser for 12 mm illumination •Flip-out reflector card for soft flash illumination •Modelling light (permanent light to check the image illumination, subject to camera) •Integrated autofocus flash metering •Flash readiness indicator and correct exposure display in camera Viewfinder (subject to camera) •Automatic unit shut-off Basic flash functions: •TTL flash mode •Manual flash mode with 4 partial lighting levels •1st and 2nd shutter curtain synchronisation (subject to camera) •Automatic fill-in flash (subject to camera) WARRANTY: 1 Year Australian Warranty*

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