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Nothing can ruin a trip faster than a waterlogged phone or a sand-filled computer. Whether you're enjoying a day on the water, camping with friends, or out on a hunt, valuables can easily bedamaged. The Kaewa-42 is designed to protect all your gear from the elements. Manufactured from 600-dernier TPU, this unique fabric is rugged and durable. The outer shell is soft and flexible, but resistant to oil, grease, water, sand, and abrasion. It will even resist chemical spills. Seal the bag and trapped air allows it float for easy retrieval; purge the air with the quick-release valve for easy stowage. Regardless of your recreational activity, the Kaewa Drybag should be considered mandatory gear. Features Air release valve Adjustable shoulder strap Carry-handle Soft, supple exterior, easy to fold TPU laminated polyester High shear & abrasion resistant Low temp. Flexible Uv resistant Oil, grease & chemical resistant Moisture & waterproof (submersible) Specifications Capacity: 42,098 cubic cm Dimensions: 66 x 24 x 24 cm Weight: 425.25 gm Colour: Charcoal

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