Negative files 120/4 (Albox) (Neg files 120/4 (Albox))

Files to protect your 120 negatives & slides cut into 4 strips (25 sheets). The advantage of storing negs or trannies in Albox clear sleeves is that proof sheets can be made without removing or handling the film. Perfect for students, photo journalists, professional photographers and archivists who wish to create accessible, safe photo libraries. These A4-oversize pages can be stored in Albox binders (or other A4-oversize binders) to create your own photographic archive, or added into Albox 200-pack and 300-pack archival photo albums. One empty Albox 40mm binder will typically hold about 60-80 sleeves of negatives, and a 25mm binder will hold about 40-60 sleeves, depending on the thickness of the items stored.

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